The IDMS Kiosk Built for Badge Office Automation

The credentialing process can obliterate badge office efficiency.  That’s why they’re turning to Civix for the only integrated solution created exclusively for airports. It’s everything you need for fast, efficient, and secure credentials.

Cut Your Badge Processing Times by Nearly 70%

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Join Civix as we demonstrate how ASC kiosks allow airport personnel to receive, update, and verify credentials, as well as keep up with badge application process.


A hardware and software solution in a configurable off-the-shelf package that consolidates all identity management information into one view:

  • Streamline badge processing times for Trusted Agents and badge holders
  • Reduce badge office traffic
  • Automate badge holder status communication

As the only approved TSA ACDMS (formerly DAC) enrollment provider to offer identity management software and kiosks, we provide airports and aircraft operators with one entity to handle all of their badging needs.

Learn more about CAE’s success in this short article and explore all our credentialing solution can do in this brochure, or watch this short video:

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions. 


Tobie Curry, PMP
Project Manager, Civix
Ashley Austin, PMP, ACE
Project Manager, Civix


Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions. 

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