Demonstrating IDMS solutions that address airport badge office inefficiencies.  

How Credentialing Offices Can Leverage the Latest in Badge Automation Technology

Join the Civix Security team for three one-hour webinars about new airport technology that integrates historically disparate systems to reduce badge office traffic and automate badge holder interactions.  

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The Newest Self-Service IDMS Kiosks 

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Join us as we unveil new functionality built into the latest self-service IDMS kiosks. Built specifically around airport credentialing office processes, version 2.0 goes further to automate:    

  • Badge application creation 
  • Badge returns 
  • Lost or stolen badges  
  • PII & document updates 
  • Payments  
  • Large document scanning  
  • Document validation & facial comparison  

Biometric Access Cards – High Security, Low Cost & Simplicity

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In partnership with Zwipe, Civix Access cards reduce the biometric authentication process down to just one second and shrink complex biometric access systems down to the size of a credit card. Webinar attendees will learn about:  

  • Integrating biometric access cards into your existing infrastructure (including traditional RFID card readers)  
  • Rendering lost or stolen cards ineffective with unique fingerprint data  
  • Third party testing by Safe Skies at Richmond Airport  

Implementing the Airport Credentialing Efficiency Toolkit  

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Safe Skies’ Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS) commissioned the Airport Credentialing Efficiency Toolkit to help airports assess and improve the efficiency of their credentialing processes. The report identifies 13 Credentialing Office (CO) “challenge areas” and offers research findings and recommendations for process improvement.  

While Safe Skies and the FAA do not endorse specific products, the report identifies technology as tool to be leveraged in addressing CO inefficiencies. Join us as we break down recommendations for technology implementation and demonstrate how IDMS hardware and software can be applied to each of the report’s 13 credentialing challenges.  

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Implementing the Toolkit | June 29th