Where is Home?

New Orleans, LA – specifically, Lakeview, because it’s very family friendly and we’re walking distance to most essentials (schools, parks, snowball stands)


Where did you go to school?

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Christian Brothers University – Memphis, TN and a Master of Science in Management Universita della Svizzera Italiana (USI) – Lugano, Switzerland


Where did you work before Civix?

Joined GCR as Project Manager in 2011 working on projects with a communications or outreach component for post-BP oil spill clients. Promoted to Director of Marketing in 2016 where my main goal was to centralize all marketing efforts and external communication. Prior to joining GCR, I spent six years with a marketing firm in Memphis where I became a Senior Account Manager and oversaw the in-stadium branding for Levy Restaurants. I enjoyed managing that client until my husband’s work transferred us overseas in 2009.


What are you most proud of?

Responsible for growing the Levy Restaurants client from one arena to an exclusive contract for all 60+ locations, becoming the top revenue generator in 2007 (4 years after joining the firm), 2008, and on track for 2009 before moving overseas

When faced with both domestic and Swiss work visa denials, I convinced the Dean of USI to allow me to enter the Masters program 5 weeks late – finished top of my class

Centralized GCR’s marketing activities and translated a common brand through all new websites, printed collateral, and conference material


What is your professional interacting style?

I am visual, Versatile, Driven, Optimistic, Cooperative, and Competitive


What are your strengths?

Deep branding experience – trained to see holes in what we represent to the market

  • Creative writer (focused on the story)
  • Why-oriented
  • Eye for design
  • Relationship builder & motivator
  • Strong presenter & communicator
  • Big picture thinker


What do you hope to bring to Civix?

  • Communicate deficiencies so resources can be made available
    • Don’t overpromise on time needed to execute – hold standards high but keep perfectionism at bay and be realistic
    • Advocate for partnerships
    • Acquire social expertise (grow audiences across all platforms)
  • Apply more data and analytics to planning and decision-making
    • Incorporate automation technology


What is a Fun Fact about you?

Huge animal lover. The fact that I only have one dog is a testament to my marriage. If you need to rescue something, call me.