Civix adds ACDMS services to its Identity Management platform

Civix enters transaction agreement with TSA for Aviation Channeling and Data Management System (ACDMS)

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, Civix announced that it has entered into a transaction agreement with the TSA to offer its Aviation Channeling and Data Management System (ACDMS), formerly known as Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services, to facilitate the communication of biographic and biometric data securely from aviation badging entities to TSA. Civix, an industry leader in airport software, is among a select few approved TSA enrollment providers.  

“We’re thrilled to be an ACDMS provider and look forward to expanding our security services to airports and aviation entities around the country,” said Tim Walsh, president of Civix Airports. “Combining ACDMS services with our Aviation Secure Credentials (ASC) identity management system provides airports and aircraft operators with one entity to handle all of their badging needs.” 

Civix will provide badging entities with a secure collection of biographic and fingerprint data and perform quality control to expedite background vetting by the federal government. Civix will retrieve the enrollment processing results from TSA and then provide them to the badging entities directly or through its ASC platform. 

Walsh announced the approved agreement with TSA ahead of the AAAE Airport Credentialing & Access Control Conference, where the Civix team will showcase the latest iteration of its identity management solutions.   

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