Civix Enriches End-to-End Election Capabilities

Adds e-Pollbook, e-Ballot, and Precinct Reporting to Suite of Solutions

ORLANDO, FL – Every state has different election laws and capabilities, making a common industry election management system seemingly impossible. But modern technology has made it so, and Civix is leading the way with a suite of modular solutions. Each can stand on its own as well as integrate with third-party systems. Best of all, the entire Civix suite combined provides an end-to-end system for seamlessly managing nearly every function along the election spectrum, from voter registration through election night reporting.

Civix’s capabilities have been enhanced recently through an exclusive licensing agreement with DemTech, whereby the company’s electronic poll book, e-ballot, and precinct reporting technologies are all integrated into the Civix suite of election solutions.

“Election officials need help, and every jurisdiction has its own unique problems to solve for. That’s what we’re here to do,” said Mike Wons, the president of Civix Government, the leading provider of election software, which, combined with DemTech, managed over 50 million votes in the 2020 general election. “With the addition of e-Pollbook, e-Ballot, and Precinct Reporting, we’ve greatly enriched our ability to power nearly every aspect of election management.”

He says Civix’s laser focus on enriching its end-to-end election management system is rooted in his team’s personal commitment to powering safe, secure, efficient elections.

“There are so many manual processes in place that any efficiencies created can make a huge difference – not to mention the vulnerabilities inherent in older systems,” said John Morrison, DemTech CEO and Civix Product Director for Government Solutions. “Using paper processes, relying on manual intervention for exporting and validating data, training staff on multiple systems, scaling to accommodate different ballots, communicating election day changes to voters, redistricting – these are huge obstacles that can be transformed with the right technology. And they are the exact problems we’re solving with the expansion of Civix’s election management suite.”


The crown jewel of these new technologies is an e-pollbook that serves as a complete precinct management system. Tailored to each jurisdiction’s rules, systems, and capabilities, the technology guides poll workers through every step of the voter authentication and identity process. It’s a simple, modern, secure solution for ensuring election cycles run smoothly.

Wons explains how it works, saying, “a poll worker scans a voter’s ID and all the data is harvested, verified, and their record is pulled up within a second or two. Then, e-Pollbook walks them through every step. It can even enable on-site registration, print ballots on demand, facilitate signature capture and comparison, and print voter receipts. All this adds up to savings, efficiency, and an enhanced voter experience.”

One of the solution’s top features is real-time, secure synchronization. Data from each device in the secure network is instantly shared with all others – across the entire jurisdiction – and is accessible through intelligent dashboards. This real-time data sharing allows for unprecedented levels of efficiency, authentication, and analysis.

A high level of security is achieved through multiple layers, including a secure wide area network (WAN) with relay points in each polling place, sandboxing, data encryption, and unique keys for each e-pollbook and each election, among others.

Highly flexible, the solution’s template-driven design allows for a wide variety of user-configured workflows that are triggered when a voter is searched and checked into the system. This functionality allows for on-site registration, ballots on-demand, voter receipts, and signature matching. 

The template-driven design also saves costs. Beyond the costs saved on unnecessarily printing ballots, it saves on programming because legislative changes can easily be accommodated. Savings are further realized because the technology is device and operating system agnostic.

“The cross-platform versatility of these solutions sets them apart. State and local governments can avoid having to invest in new hardware and sidestep limitations of software tied to a single operating system,” said Morrison.

The Civix e-Pollbook’s versatility is matched by its scalability. It can be used for any size configuration without a loss in speed or performance – from a single precinct to a statewide multiple vote center.

“Cash-strapped election offices have to invest wisely to manage safe, secure elections while also modernizing systems to meet the expectations of constituents. The beauty of our e-Pollbook is that it is affordable and quick to deploy,” said Wons.


Managing voting for those overseas and in the military has been an ongoing challenge. Historically, there have been no automated, reliable, secure ways for enabling identity-based access to online ballot delivery, marking, and voting. That’s all changed with Civix e-Ballot powered by DemTech. The solution uses proprietary software to automate every ballot style and create any number of versions – in very little time. (In a recent election, the tech was used to import 3,500 ballot styles for a single jurisdiction and process them into an Online Markable Ballot in under an hour.)

The software solution enables officials to create, send, and receive online ballots, making the entire process seamless and easy to manage. Fully automated, it leverages voter files and ballot maps to determine how an individual can vote, generate the voter’s ballot, and provide the voter with instructions. This solution, too, can be deployed very quickly and drives electronic ballot and online voting processes at light speed.

Precinct Reporting

Civix’s e-Ballot also powers an unparalleled precinct reporting solution. With all the various ballots imported, the precinct reporting solution automatically calculates and delivers results in ballot order. This eliminates: the need for printed receipts, having to pull data from the state, and opportunities for human error. It further enables precincts to deliver data and communicate directly through a secure infrastructure using any mobile device.

An intelligent dashboard provides real-time information on every precinct. Integrated controls allow officials to manage data, workflows, and publication all in one place. It works seamlessly with the Civix Election Results Reporting solution, which accumulates and shares accurate election results in real time.

Security is Paramount

These new additions, and every solution in the Civix suite, boast high levels of security. Civix has invested heavily in policy-based automated deployments built on best practice security principles. This is complemented by full audit capability and 24/7/365 continuous monitoring of event data from systems, environments, and leading security tools.

Revolutionizing Election Management

Wons summarized the expansion of Civix’ election management suite saying, “The addition of these new technologies is another major leap forward in our continuous drive to modernize and secure elections.”

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