Civix Revolutionizes Airport Badging with ASC Solution

New Orleans, LA – As a leading provider of software solutions to airports across the country, Civix is pioneering new technologies to make them more profitable, secure, and efficient. One of its newest technology products revolutionizes the way airports manage badging, making the most of trusted agents’ valuable time.

Civix’s Aviation Secure Credentials (ASC) is a hardware and software solution that consolidates all identity management information into one view, managing background checks, biometric data, badging, continuous vetting, and auditing – all in a configurable off-the-shelf package. ASC kiosks allow airport personnel to receive, update, and verify credentials, as well as keep up with recurrent training and regulatory requirements.

“From our experience of working with clients throughout the airport sector, we’ve put together a single, affordable way for smaller and medium-sized airports to benefit from technology that was out of reach until now,” says Tobie Curry, Civix Product Manager and ASC specialist.

The time-saving solution was first launched at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) – where it has centralized and streamlined the entire badging process from initial badging to mandated training and background checks. CAE’s success with ASC is detailed in this case study.

“We’re especially proud of the results we’ve been able to deliver for CAE,” says Curry. “The airport has cut its badge processing time by nearly 70 percent. The kiosks allow for self-service, and since they’re integrated and automated, it speeds up the process for everyone involved.”

ASC is a complete, turnkey solution for Identity Management Systems (IDMS). In fact, Civix’s established Data Migration and Conversion Plan which means airports can quickly convert from their existing IDMS to the highly functional ASC solution quickly and easily.

“Given the hunger we knew was out there for this kind of solution, we’ve also developed a simple way to switch over from an existing system,” Curry noted. “It greatly reduces the headaches that often come from moving to a newer, more efficient system.”

The features and functionality of ASC are detailed in this information sheet.

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