Contactless is the New Norm

Civix Offers Automated and Seamless Solution

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Aviation Industry has been considered a leader in utilizing technologies to secure the air travel experience against physical threats. The new challenge will be to safeguard environments against the spread of invisible threats in a “contactless” manner.

“Airport staff and tenants have had to take on the added burden of trying to minimize the spread of communicable diseases within campuses. We figured it would be more effective to apply an enterprise approach for each airport space, similar to how we manage access controls through our Secure Credentials platform,” said Tim Walsh, president of Civix Transportation, which focuses on providing innovation for Aviation and Transit verticals. “Touchless Credentials can seamlessly integrate with access control technologies and provide a front line of defense for their secured environment. It doesn’t relearn the environment, but it takes the already defined ‘digital security plan’ and enforces it a contactless manner on the front-end.”

The leading public sector software and services firm recently unveiled a new Touchless Credentials solution that leverages facial recognition and thermal sensing to vet credentials for access to sensitive security areas.

“Manual temperature scanning is time consuming and involves somewhat close contact between people, so we’ve overcome this by combining facial recognition, thermal sensing, and access control to completely automate the process,” said Walsh.

The solution works by taking an individual’s photo and temperature as they approach the access-controlled entryway. If the photo captured matches a photo in the identity management system and the temperature captured is within a normal range, the relay in the access control system receives the command to grant access. For abnormal temperature readings, users will not be granted access and designated staff will receive real-time alerts and notification of such incidents.

To learn more about Civix’s Touchless Credentials solution, click below or contact Spencer Stewart.

Touchless Credentials

Touchless Credentials

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