GASB Compliance, Simplified

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Public sector organizations have little time to comply with this year’s GASB 87 requirements. Relying on an automated compliance solution can make all the difference.   

Automation Powered by Expertise

As a GovTech 100 company and a leader in public sector revenue management technology, Civix offers a complete solution that makes GASB compliance easy. Our team’s extensive expertise is baked in to streamline and automate compliance, lease management, and ACFR reporting. With automated guidance, users don’t have to be experts in GASB requirements – it’s already covered.

Integration is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. We quickly begin by understanding your needs and structures, and then we configure the GASB solution accordingly. 
  • With our innovative import tool, you’ll import all lease data at once – easily, quickly, and accurately. Then, all you do is validate it; and you won’t need to do anything else!
  • The solution automatically identifies and segregates data between what’s required by GASB and what’s not.

Scalable for Any Agency

Beyond its ability to simplify compliance, the beauty of this solution is that it can scale to meet the needs of states, cities, counties, and school districts alike. Departments of education are enabling hundreds of school district users to file as separate entities, while state departments filing as single entities restrict access to a relatively small number of users.  

Agencies can also use our GASB solution to simply manage compliance or they can take it a step further, leveraging the opportunity to upgrade and modernize their business and lease management systems. (More on that here.)

Robust Functionality

With a centralized document center, our GASB solution allows users to easily locate and access electronic documents. You can pull up a contract and click to access related documentation.

You can also assign staff to agreements within the system, and they’ll be able to monitor activity and receive automatic notifications.

And the solution allows for mass updates, so if a policy changes (e.g., new lease terms and discount rates), you can automatically apply it to all appropriate agreements.

Up in the Cloud

Civix runs our technology products on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and GovCloud. Through our partnership with AWS, we’re able to reduce costs and improve security, agility, productivity, and resilience.

Interested in Discovering More?

Our GASB experts are hosting a webinar on May 19 at 10:30 a.m. CST to provide a live demonstration of the solution. Sign up here to register.