Your Agency Safety Plan is Updated. Now what? 

As of December 31, 2022, the FTA required transit agencies to update their Agency Safety Plan (ASP) to meet new requirements. With the plan updated, it’s time to operationalize it with a modern Safety Management System (SMS) that streamlines processes, connects systems, and provides real-time, actionable data in a format that’s easy to analyze.  

With so many aspects and requirements, the idea of cobbling together software solutions to create a fully effective SMS can be daunting, requiring a solution that can do it all as part of an organization’s integrated management system. Civix’s transit-specific SMS was created from our market-leading airport software, which has a 20-year track record of being the most robust in the industry. In fact, “The busiest and most efficient airport in the world,” Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, has relied on Civix’s solution since 2009 to efficiently manage resources, assets, general airport operations, and regulatory compliance. It serves as a single system of record for FAA compliance and allows operational, security, safety, and maintenance personnel to access the same data. Beyond airports, Civix’s SMS technology is successfully used by government agencies and surpasses DOT 4-pillar requirements. With this powerful software solution, we’re able to offer the same level of capabilities to transportation system operators, big and small. 

Quick, Collaborative Decision Making

When it comes to SMS, decision makers need access to accurate information. When data comes together through a single-view online dashboard, it enables agencies to make real-time, well-informed decisions to aid surface safety.  

Civix’s SMS boasts unparalleled functionality through integration with best-in-breed technologies:  

  • GIS Mapping Engine provides a highly accurate and true representation of activity at transportation facilities. 
  • Employee Hazard Reporting tool to broaden safety awareness  
  • Business Intelligence provides interactive data visualization  
  • Event reporting and management integrations enable FTA compliance  

Through these integrations, Civix provides the only all-in-one technology solution with:  

  • Maps  
  • Spatial Visuals  
  • Discrepancies  
  • Incident Management  

A Proactive Approach to Risk Management

Civix’s SMS allows transit agency staff to report and mitigate safety issues before they become costly.   

Its mobile cloud-based interface enables real-time reporting; the system provides the information needed and step-by-step guidance to track, triage, and analyze safety issues as they are received. This enhanced, comprehensive functionality enables safety staff to spot incident trends and determine which warrant corrective action.  

Keeping up with Constantly Evolving Safety Requirements

Staying on top of changes in federal requirements can be laborious, but it doesn’t have to be. Transit-specific software can help minimize risk, increase safety, and comply with the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule. Civix’s SMS software also comes with a guaranteed no-cost upgrade to comply with any future ruling.   

Approved Contract Vehicles

As a contract award holder from NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) and GSA (U.S. General Services Agreement), public agencies can save time and money when procuring Civix solutions by leveraging the purchasing power of agencies in all 50 states.  

See it in Action

If you’d like to see how our SMS solutions can help your agency, email [email protected] or call 800.259.6192.