Civix’s enterprise Land Information Management System, or LIMS, correlates various source documents and records into a user-friendly, web-based system for assessing and managing landholdings.

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A Complete Inventory of Landholdings at Your Fingertips

Our system is backed by powerful GIS technology to accurately provide a real-world view of ownership.


See What You Own in an Instant

Building a road, repairing a drain, reporting to the legislature… you need to know what your agency owns. Unfortunately, many are reliant on legacy technologies and cobbled-together systems, which tend to be inefficient, full of gaps, and difficult to navigate. The solution: LIMS. Our online app provides an accurate, easy-to-access view of every property your agency owns.

Civix LIMS Screenshot
Civix LIMS Screenshot

40 Years of Experience Built Into Every Implementation

Our teams have decades of experience developing land records and right of way datasets as well as converting CAD data and MicroStation map files into accurate, reliable, georeferenced GIS files. This unmatched experience backs every application implementation, which translates directly into client success.

Efficiency & Access

A map‐centric dashboard provides quick reports and meaningful answers without assistance from technical GIS staff. The online application enables users to search ROW information and create, export, and print maps – on their own.

Complete Right of Way Technology

LIMS provides a complete view of what an agency owns and allows for the representation of land tenure as determined by your organization.

Increase Productivity

GIS right of way maps can increase productivity, as engineers and surveyors will realize time savings as they have easy access to their authoritative maps and documentation.

Identify Gaps

The system identifies mapping gaps, which can show agencies where to analyze land holdings to identify areas to conduct gap filling land surveying activities.

Correct Errors

Mistakes happen, especially over many decades of land management. LIMS will identify potential mistakes and allow for a pathway to data cleanup, such as unifying duplicate records.

Identify Surplus Property

With full view of all your properties, it’s easier to spot surplus that could be sold to generate revenue and limit liability.

Improve Operational efficiency

Whether cutting grass, evaluating encroachments, or repairing drainage lines, crews can access ownership information from the field with this powerful online tool.

Manage the Full Spectrum of Right of Way Needs


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