What is this file?

This file is used by Atlassian Cloud to verify ownership of your domain name.
Generated at 2022-04-18 14:12:57 UTC.

I have direct access to my web server


I am using a CMS or other managed service

  • Create a page with the path: /atlassian-domain-verification.html
  • Insert this token somewhere into the page: YrDzd/mHbDYlVcFfLfBFBU6ueISO1Awxiq0ravIbJaS6nnR7HobFj4ZYpy5KzCma
  • For security reasons please ensure that only site administrators can edit or post comments to this page.
  • Return to Atlassian admin screen to complete the verification process


Domain Verification Token

This token must be found in the page at: