One Platform for End-to-End Election Administration

The Civix Voter Registration and Election Management Platform integrates and automates every step in the election administration process. It includes:

∙ A Voter and Election Management solution used by state and local election officials to manage voter rolls and support election activities

∙ A public website where constituents can register to vote, check their registration status, and view their voter profile

∙ A simple, modern, secure, and mobile citizen-centric engagement tool that increases accessibility and transparency

∙ Robust reporting, extracting, and analytical functions with routines necessary to support the entire election community

Product Overview


Provides citizen access, including absentee ballot requests and GIS based maps to show the voter’s polling location with proactive notifications and access to voter details- anytime, anywhere, on any device


Serves as a complete precinct management system that empowers poll workers through every step of the voting process – tailored to each jurisdiction’s rules, systems, and capabilities


Information at your fingertips, including configurable statistical widgets


Simplifies the process using State or County provided shape files


Empowers elections officials to accumulate, report, and securely share accurate election results in real time


Automatically and quickly delivers results directly from precincts to election central – and the public


Simplifies a complete range of election processes, allowing officials to electronically manage everything from polling station setup to voting and reporting


Allows random sampling of signatures of registered voters


Creates electronic versions of any style PDF ballot quickly and accurately, enabling voters to complete ballots online and officials to easily manage the entire process


24×7 support throughout the peak election period

State Officials Can:

∙ Manage state elections
∙ Monitor county election data
via dashboards
∙ View & run reports
∙ Manage & publish election
∙ Provide election resources
∙ Qualify candidates
∙ Implement legislative

Local Officials Can:

∙ Manage voter registration
∙ Validate ballots & create
ballots on demand
∙ Manage local elections
∙ Manage petitions
∙ Manage poll workers &
polling locations
∙ Track & mark ballots
∙ Manage districts &
∙ View and run reports
∙ Manage election results

Citizens Can:

∙ Register to vote
∙ Update voter registration
∙ Request absentee ballot
∙ Find polling locations
∙ View election results
∙ Engage in two-way
communication with their
election officials through an
app customized to their
specific needs

Dynamic GIS

We integrate GIS to manage registered voters through a spatially-enabled street file.

GIS-driven routines dynamically update new voter records with spatial coordinates to identify specific precinct and district assignments as they are created. The Redistricting function allows users to analyze and apply changes to jurisdictional boundaries on customized GIS maps showing old vs. new boundaries, changes within districts, and generate lists of voters affected by redistricting.

The Future of Civix Engagement: Intelligent Voter Information Systems (IVIS)

All of Civix’s leading-edge citizen centric solutions and voting experience come together seamlessly in one place through IVIS.

The intuitive single-access app guides citizens seamlessly through virtually every voting process. And it’s customized to the individual and their jurisdiction, providing the most current, relevant information.

Electronic Pollbooks

Powered by our partnership with DemTech, our e-Pollbook solution validates ballots in real time.

Through integrations with state voter registration systems, our solution bypasses traditional data exports and dramatically reduces effort and risk, all while meeting the highest state certification standards.

Pollbook Management
Pollworker Training
Pollworker Tracking
Real Time Voter Validation
Ballot Marking

Used by More States Than Any Other Solution

360° Security

Our highly automated and comprehensive approach to security takes human error out of the equation.

Civix has invested heavily in policy based automated deployments based on best practice security principles. This is complemented by full audit capability and 24/7/365 continuous monitoring of event data from systems, environments and best of breed security tools such as CloudFlare, CrowdStrike, AWS Government Cloud, Optiv, Qualys and MimeCast.

Why Choose Civix?

We provide the necessary ingredients for secure elections, and our teams are dedicated to your success.

An extension of your team, our client success team constantly monitors systems, provides instant support, and creates solutions to overcome new challenges. Agile and innovative, we bring together the best and the brightest from across disciplines to enrich and add capacity to your office.

24/7 Dedicated Client Success Center Support
Real-Time Open Ticket Dashboard
Proactive Security


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