Counties Are Using this Proven Solution for Campaign Finance, Lobbyists, and Ethics Disclosure

ORLANDO, FL – While federal and state laws regulate campaign finance, most cities and counties are left to devise their own systems for managing campaign filing requirements. With rising demand for online solutions by filers and constituents alike, many local officials are turning to the solution used by states to make navigating the world of campaign finance and ethics disclosures a breeze.

Managing information on political campaign contributions (with varying rules) and volumes of personal financial disclosures is a massive obstacle for state ethics commissions – and it’s especially challenging for local-level clerks and elections officials that typically have smaller staffs and budgets.

“Our local officials are on the front lines of our democracy, ensuring candidates and lobbyists are compliant and that the public is able to easily access that information,” said Mike Wons, the president of Civix Government, the leading provider of software for election and ethics management. “Without technology to easily gather and quickly analyze an abundance of campaign finance data, these local officials are hamstrung and unable to fully deliver on their missions of transparency. That’s why we’re offering our tech to cities and counties. It’s the same robust campaign finance solution used by state agencies, yet it’s accessible for any sized county or city across the country.”

Civix’s Campaign Finance solution was recently fully implemented with great success by the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission in June, completely revolutionizing how people file and find disclosures in the Peach State.

“Civix offered the most comprehensive out-of-the-box system. It’s one that we were able to modify to meet our unique requirements,” said Erwin Yap, the Commission’s Director of Business Operations. “It brought together campaign finance and personal disclosures into a single, seamless system.”

“It eliminates manual processes, making entering, accessing, and analyzing data fast and easy. This means we’re able to offer the public near real-time transparency,” he continued.

The state-of-the-art technology automates campaign finance for administrators and filers alike. Thus, users don’t have to be campaign finance experts to ensure compliance – it’s all baked into an automated, user-friendly experience.

With its new system, Georgia is leading the nation in transparency and accountability. And now, cities and counties can follow suit, utilizing the same proven technology,” said Wons. “The system is a win for everyone involved: filers, the public, and clerks alike.”

Learn more about how Georgia revolutionized campaign finance and ethics disclosures in this case study. And explore the features and benefits of the Civix Campaign Finance Solution in this brochure.

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