Civix’s web-based GIS application allows local, state, and federal agencies to map, visualize, and electronically catalogue critical land records.

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Track All Project Land Records – In One Place

Our intuitive software places critical ownership information, support documents, and property details directly into the hands of decision-makers.


The Right Information, Right Now

Our technology overlays land records, parcel, and ownership information with geographic maps, creating visualizations and compiling data to bring right of way projects into focus. Deep insights—including relationships and trends—give users actionable information that saves valuable time during critical infrastructure projects.

Civix's Asset Tracker Screenshot
Civix's Asset Tracker Screenshot


    Reduces Data Entry

    Associates critical information with each record through pre-loaded documentation and geo-referenced surveys

    Simple Searches

    Documents can be searched by jurisdiction, control section, project number, or map location

    Complete Mapping

    Ensures complete mapping and absolute consistency through an integrated imaging and document repository

    Real-Time Visibility

    Connects asset information with demographic and geographic trending data

    Key Features

    Mapping and Reporting

    Quantifies and validates real estate holdings to support ongoing and future asset improvements

    Centralizes and Digitizes

    Integrates existing CAD and paper surveys, records and maps, and data sets with an intuitive and customizable GIS user interface

    Why Choose Civix?

    Leveraging the Power of Technology

    GIS Layer Development

    Generates original layers based on a variety of sources

    GEO-Referenced Surveys

    Links databases to geo-referenced surveys

    CAD Conversion

    Ensures CAD files maintain spatial integrity and attributes when converted to shapefiles

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    From Our Team of Experts

    Civix Announces Sale of Critical Infrastructure Division 

    Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, announced today that it has sold its Critical Infrastructure division to Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people. 


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