Civix provides a proven, flexible, and user-friendly online solution that simplifies the necessary reporting requirements and access to data for all parties.

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Compliance, Communication, Tracking, Done.

Even with all the differences in lobbying laws and reporting requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, our system fully automates all the crucial processes – from helping lobbyists stay current with registration and reporting statutes to configurable communication tools that streamline correspondence and improve timely compliance.

Automated Compliance

Notifies lobbyists of key dates, of reporting requirements, and when they are in violation

Automated Communications

Configurable tools standardize, generate, and send both physical and electronic correspondence

Automated Financial Tracking

Calculates figures according to lobbyist and expenditure as required by statute


    Improves Efficiency

    Empowers staff to manage processes and ensure accuracy through a secure in-house portal

    Makes Compliance Easy

    Allows lobbyists to submit financial data, manage accounts, produce reports, and file required documentation

    Simplifies Auditing

    Provides electronic data that can be accessed and organized in an instant

    Promotes Transparency

    Reinforces public confidence in our democratic systems

    Key Features

    Simple & Modern

    Simplifies and speeds up lobbyist management and analytics through self-service, automation, and electronic records


    Can be combined with other apps and is supported by core processing components shared across Civix technologies


    Allows external stakeholders to submit, access, and parse information directly through an online dashboard


    Notifies lobbyists of key dates, of reporting requirements, and if they are in violation

    Seamless Integration

    Includes standard extensible API hub with administrative configurability


    Configures to conform with local laws and regulations

    Why Civix?

    Because easy & transparent reporting is critical for lobbyists & the public alike.

    No Two States are the Same, and That’s No Problem

    Our modern technology not only automates and simplifies formerly manual and time-consuming processes, it is easily configurable to the widely varying requirements and procedures unique to various jurisdictions. 

    Our Team is Your Team

    You can count on our technology because it has been created by Civix’s multidisciplinary team of developers, system architects, and policy analysts with a wide range of experience. All of these industry leaders and innovators are accessible to you and your department during installation and configuration to your specific requirements.

    Civix Security 360

    360° Security

    Keeping Your Data Secure

    Keeping citizen information and government technology safe is our number one priority.

    Ethics Administration Platform

    Remove Friction and Simplify Compliance

    Our Lobbyist Management & Analytics application is a module of Civix’s Ethics Administration Platform, which helps governments simplify ethics and disclosure processes with modern technology.


    From Our Team of Experts

    $1.8 Billion in Grant Funding Announced

    Civix commends the Department of Homeland Security’s recent announcement of $1.8 billion in grant funding to support state and local preparedness efforts against natural and manmade threats.

    Civix Announces Sale of Critical Infrastructure Division 

    Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, announced today that it has sold its Critical Infrastructure division to Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people. 


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