The Civix Statements of Financial Interest (SFI) application is an electronic filing system that reports investments and financial interests of candidates and state employees.

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Paperless, Powerful, & Proven

What was once a lengthy task filled with multi-page forms is now a simple, online process. Our market-leading solution and has been implemented in more than 16 jurisdictions encompassing state, county, and municipal governments.

Civix Statement of Financial Interest

Make Filing Simple & Transparent

Our SFI application removes friction from the ethics administration process and allows users to conform to and stay current with local laws and regulations.

Automate Compliance

Customers can submit, access & parse information directly through an online dashboard

Automate Communications

Automatically sends notifications to filers, helping to ensure compliance

Eliminate Errors

Business rule enforcement & user guidance ensures accurate data entry

Designed for Customer Service

Our SFI app creates common credentials, prompts filers when they need to take action, and digitizes all documentation for easy management and straightforward public access.

Built Upon Decades of Experience in Campaign Finance Reporting

A fully automated and digitized disclosure application has been sorely needed for far too long. Our SFI app was created alongside former government staff with expert insight to fulfill your precise needs.

Handle Up to 5,000 Filers at Once

The robust functionality of the SFI app meets or exceeds the needs of even the busiest times of year and high transaction volume.

Fully Digital

Customers and staff can say goodbye to paper filing and the headaches that go along with it. All data is electronically stored, allowing for easy management, search and access. 

Civix Security 360

360° Security

Keeping Your Data Secure

Keeping citizen information and government technology safe is our number one priority.

Ethics Administration Platform

Remove Friction and Simplify Compliance

Our SFI application is a module of Civix’s Ethics Platform, which helps governments simplify ethics and disclosure processes with modern technology.


From Our Team of Experts

Civix Announces Sale of Critical Infrastructure Division 

Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, announced today that it has sold its Critical Infrastructure division to Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people. 


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