Civix Launches New IVIS Technology

The Next Generation of Voter Engagement Technology

(Orlando, FL) – In the age of ride sharing, mobile banking, and countless other apps that facilitate instant gratification, people have come to expect smooth, convenient online experiences in virtually every aspect of their lives. With Civix’s new IVIS technology, election officials can now bring these same benefits to voting processes. The new mobile application allows people to control their voting experiences right in the palm of their hand – from registration to requesting their ballot all the way up seeing real-time election results.

“Simple, modern, and secure, IVIS is unlike anything else,” said Mike Wons, president of Civix Government, the leading provider of innovative software solutions to secretaries of state and local election officials, including the technology that managed 45 million voters in the 2020 General Election. “It creates a new digital environment with virtually everything a voter needs.”

Through IVIS, all of a state’s internal election management systems seamlessly come together in an external-facing app. It’s a one-stop shop for citizens through the entire spectrum of their voter experience. Highly interactive, IVIS guides constituents through every voter process, and it is customized to each individual, providing the most current, relevant information. 

“It’s white glove treatment for voters. Everything is in one place,” Wons continued. “The future is about a frictionless experience, meaning a voter can log in using their personally identifying information via techniques including biometrics, click to see what is on their ballot, click through to learn about candidates and ballot measures, click through to see campaign finance reports, and so on. It’s self-guided and seamless because the back end is so well integrated.”

Enable Your Voter Experience 

The intuitive single-access app guides citizens seamlessly through virtually every voting process. Branded by the state, it’s customized to the individual and their jurisdiction, providing the most current, relevant information.

IVIS makes it easy for voters to get answers to their specific questions and allows election officials to share accurate and reliable information. It also provides a simple way for automated communications to notify constituents with information that is directly relevant to them, like when polling places change, upcoming elections, and “remember to vote” reminders. 

Security: A 360-Degree Approach 

Keeping citizen information and government technology offerings safe is our number one priority. By partnering with other industry leaders, including GovCloud provider Amazon Web Services, we offer the only native cloud solution built specifically for governments, which means it meets SOC 2 and FedRAMP high compliance requirements. We employ 24/7/365 continuous monitoring, make policy-driven deployments based on best practices and security principles, and use best-of-breed monitoring and mitigation tools like CloudFlare, CrowdStrike, Optiv and others to automate provisioning and protect environments, taking human error out of the equation.

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