Simplify Reporting and Compliance, Enable Unprecedented Transparency

Our integrated solutions make navigating the world of campaign finance a breeze for public servants, campaigns, PACs, members of the media, and engaged citizens alike.  

Campaign Finance
Online application that simplifies reporting and automates compliance  
Campaign Finance Portal 
Online dashboard that shows the flow of money in politics  
Automates the delivery of data to government systems  

Campaign Finance Solution

Featuring automation, user-centric design, built-in templates, and visual reporting, our Campaign Finance Solution eliminates manual processes, making entering, accessing, and analyzing data fast and easy.  

Campaign Finance Screen

Configurable for Every Election

Even though campaign finance rules vary between jurisdictions and political races, our solution can be configured for the specific laws governing each election. So, users don’t have to be campaign finance experts to ensure compliance – it’s all baked into an automated, user-friendly experience.

Automated for Ease and Efficiency

Automated Compliance

Knowing and staying current with federal, state, and municipal campaign finance laws takes a lot of time and expertise. Our solution incorporates the statutory requirements specific to each election (even as they change) to help users avoid mistakes, ensure compliance, and view a campaign’s status in real time.

Automated Communications

Configurable communication tools standardize, generate, and automatically send both physical and electronic correspondence, including filing schedule notices, key date reminders, and fines.

Automated Financial Tracking

Keeping tabs on contributions and expenditures has never been easier. When users exceed statutory limits, our solution automatically warns filers and administrators of the violations.

Campaign Finance Solution Benefits


Save Time & Resources

by allowing external stakeholders to submit, access, and parse information directly

Free Up

by automating communications, fines, reports, and other processes

Improve Efficiency

with accessible electronic data, visual reports, and real-time notifications

Ensure Compliance

with actionable real-time data and automatic notifications

Head Off Violations

by identifying potential problems early

Reduce Investigation Time

with accessible electronic data

Eliminate Data Errors

through business rule enforcement and user guidance

Simplify Auditing

by providing electronic data that is organized in an instant


Simplify Reporting

through an online dashboard where users can submit financial data, manage accounts, produce reports, and file documents

Avoid Mistakes

like fines, penalties, and dings on reputations

Maintain Compliance

with auto notifications of key dates, reporting requirements, and violations

Save Time and Resources

with a process that reduces the need for campaign finance expertise and the time it takes to file



through easy access to public data 24/7 via an online portal

Engagement and Confidence

knowing your government is leveraging leading-edge tech to make campaign finance data accessible and actionable

See the Flow of Funds

with the ability to parse and organize data by individual donors and campaigns

Georgia Deploys Civix Tech to Revolutionize Campaign Finance & Ethics Disclosures

Transparency is one of the core tenants of a healthy democratic republic. However, managing information on consistently record-breaking political campaign contributions and volumes of personal financial disclosures is a massive obstacle – one that state ethics commissions across the U.S. are constantly working to overcome. By deploying technology from public sector software company Civix, the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission has completely revolutionized how people file and find disclosures – and how the Commission fulfills its mission.

“Civix offered the most comprehensive out-of-the-box system that we were able to modify to meet our unique requirements. It brought together campaign finance and personal disclosures into a single, seamless system.”

Erwin Yap
Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission

Campaign Finance Portal

Relieve staff and empower citizens with information that is easily accessible 24/7 through the Civix Campaign Finance Portal.

It’s a solution for state and local governments to provide easy, unprecedented transparency into campaign finance – and it even provides an opportunity to generate revenue.

An Unprecedented Level of Transparency

Our online portal provides access to the ethics data collected by most states. Interactive visuals and layers of filters make it easy to sort through and decipher the web of information.

View and Compare Contributions by:

  • Contest
  • Geography
  • Donor
  • Recipient
  • Time Period

View and Compare

Users can choose the data sets they’d like to see, selecting filters for geography, reporting cycle, public office, donor name, donor type, amount, and much more. The Compare page provides two zones in which to filter and present data.

Follow the Flow of Funds

Through the Donor Name Decomposition Tree, users can trace funds flowing between donors, PACs, and political campaigns. And since reports aren’t always submitted under precisely the same name, our proprietary algorithm combines similar names so that the total contribution per donor is more accurate.


The Donor Location page provides an interactive geographic map of every donor along with their contributions, recipients, and party affiliation. Users can easily filter and compare donations by geographic area.


Contribution sums and counts can be plotted on a timeline. This helps campaigns spot trends and measure the success of fundraising efforts, and it helps agencies enforce blackout periods.

Campaign Finance Portal Benefits


Source of truth

be the “source of truth” for data when all filing occurs

PUBlic confidence

improve transparency with automatic online visibility


charge subscription fees for Portal access, creating a new revenue stream



access public data 24/7 via an online portal

Engagement and Confidence

take pride in your government leveraging leading-edge tech to enable transparency

See the Flow of Funds

parse and organize data by individual donors and campaigns

Ethics API

The Ethics API integrates with third-party software to make data transfer and report filing quick and easy.

  • Allows large quantities of financial data to be transferred in the appropriate report format
  • Ensures compliance with campaign finance laws
  • Improves transparency by automatically publishing filed information online

Integrate with Political Campaign Software

When states offer the Civix Ethics API, campaigns that use approved third-party software can now side-step a typically complicated, cumbersome process to file compliant campaign finance reports – quickly and seamlessly.

Provide Unprecedented Transparency

Beyond happy filers, states give public confidence a big boost through the increased transparency that comes with visible campaign finance data.


Worry-Free Automated Filing

Filers with approved third-party software can use the Ethics API to transfer financial transactions and file disclosure reports directly in state systems. No longer do filers have to export/format/import data or manually enter financial transactions from their third-party software into state systems.

Multiple Large Data Imports

Multi-threaded processing enables more efficient use of the state’s computing resources. Users uploading large files won’t block others, meaning multiple filers can import their financial data at the same time.

Ensuring Speed During Peak Filing Periods

The Ethics API uses Amazon S3 to scale up when demand is high around filing deadlines – in a budget-friendly way.

Future Proof

Built on the latest AWS (Amazon Web Services) technology and provided as a SAAS (Software as a Service) model, the Ethics API never goes out of date.

Ethics API Benefits


Customer Satisfaction

wow filers with a quick and easy reporting process

Source of Truth

be the “source of truth” for data when all filing occurs

Public Confidence

improve transparency with automatic online visibility


charge subscription fees for access to the Ethics API



seamlessly file reports, eliminating the need to export/ import data or enter it manually


file reports in a matter of minutes, meeting regulatory deadlines


rest assured that data in the campaign software matches what’s in the state system


easily meet regulatory requirements with worry-free automated filing



access public data 24/7 via an online portal

Engagement & Confidence

take pride in your government leveraging leading-edge tech to enable transparency

See the Flow of Funds

parse and organize data by individual donors and campaigns


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