IT Modernization is Necessary for Improving Voter Confidence

ORLANDO, FL – Voter confidence is top of mind for elections officials across the country following the 2020 General Election. To bolster public trust and improve public perception in our democratic processes, in a recent article Civix Government President Mike Wons says the industry must embrace IT modernization to facilitate greater transparency.

While vote counts have dominated the conversation this election season, campaign finance is another key area where transparency improves voter confidence.

Technology to manage campaign finance has been in use for years and is continuously upgraded to incorporate new and innovative features. Civix offers an entire Ethics Platform that includes an online solution for campaign finance that makes it easy for any interested party to see how candidates and ballot measures are funded. Providing this information publicly empowers oversight and accountability in the government decision-making process.

The trouble is the types of information provided and the ability to navigate it varies widely among states and municipalities. Some outdated systems rely on manual processes that include paper and PDF forms that cannot be easily located, parsed, or organized. Moving to a modern electronic web-based system allows users – from administrators to filers and press to the public – to view, at a glance, the flow of money in politics.

While resource-strapped elections offices may perceive the adoption of this type of high-tech solution as out of reach, in reality it is quite accessible. Civix’s SaaS model is configurable and can be integrated with existing and third-party systems. It saves governments time, staff resources, and costs.

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