Shining a Light on Money in Politics Builds Trust

Better Systems for Lobbyist Reporting and Compliance are Key

ORLANDO, FL – Although it’s sometimes gotten a bad name, lobbying is a key component of government in democratic societies. Civix Government President Mike Wons believes streamlined and automated reporting systems help the public better understand the system and provide critical transparency to public administrators and the public at large.

“The easier data is to access and understand by all involved parties, the better and more efficient our government works and the more transparent the lobbying process becomes. That’s good for everyone,” says Wons.

To that end, Civix Government offers an online solution for Secretaries of State and other agencies tasked with lobbyist registration, compliance and reporting. The Civix online lobbying solution was designed from years of experience working with Secretaries of State throughout the country. Civix’s multidisciplinary team includes IT experts as well as those who’ve had extensive experience in public service.

The solution is highly configurable to meet the widely differing needs and laws in various states. It offers benefits not just to state governments but also lobbyists, media and the general public through more efficient and automated communications. Furthermore, the pandemic has placed unprecedented stresses on many facets of government, making the automated solution even more crucial.

According to Wons, “the word ‘transparency’ is one you hear a lot these days. We have a system that makes that word truly actionable and practical.”