Civix Airport Platform’s Safety Risk Management (SRM) is the collaborative assessment solution for engaging stakeholders in understanding and controlling airfield project risks.


SRM supports end-to-end risk assessments for FAA 5200.11 compliance and awareness and control of airfield risks. It streamlines completion of safety risk assessments with any participants engaged in the process. Ease the burden of documenting your findings and keeping participants engaged with tools that support you through the process of risk assessment and review.


A Safety Assessment panel can be costly for the airport to obtain approval for and to execute – taking a minimum of 2 days, and including the time commitment of staff involved, costing upwards of $30,000. A consuming, unpleasant, safety risk management process then proceeds to identify safety hazards, their risk, and proposed mitigation measures.


Our SRM software yields more structured, efficient, and cost-effective risk assessments tailored to an airport’s business process and FAA 5200.11 compliance. Users avoid the back and forth process of reviewing spreadsheets as assessment documents, notes, and responses are centralized and updates are captured in real time. Version control of the SRM report is maintained and panel members can see changes without involving a manual, line-by-line review of documents, all resulting in significant time and production cost savings. The application also improves your operational decision making by allowing you to assess the risk of different hazard/outcome scenarios. SRM will ease the burden of your airport’s completion of safety risk assessments and keep your projects running on schedule and budget.


– SRM can help secure funding for your project – Assess different hazard/outcome scenarios to identify risks and justify solutions to mitigate them.

– SRM saves time and production costs – Compile the data and input from panel members into one report with version history and compare input from others to the master report.

– All projects and documents are kept in one place – Tracking and maintaining each SRM in scattered files in PowerPoint, Excel, GIS, and SharePoint is too complicated. Keep all projects and documents in SRM where you don’t have to go looking for information.

– Identifying risk exposure and cost early means the difference between your project getting off the ground and its failure or success – SRM allows you to identify and respond to risks up front before they balloon in exposure and costs.

– Think bigger to stay ahead of the curve and see around corners with Enterprise Risk Management – More than just your capital projects are at stake. Have you thought about other risks across your organization? Our software also serves as an Enterprise Risk Management tool to evaluate more than just safety including security, cyber, financial, staffing, public perception, and other risks related to your resources, assets, and public image.


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