Civix’s all-in-one Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Liens Management application provides a complete set of administration, document management, and fulfillment functions for secured transactions under the UCC. It meets the latest IACA standards and Revised Article 9 (RA9) compliance, and can be configured for statutory liens or other variations unique to your agency.


Our user-friendly application allows filing office staff to perform day-to-day business and fulfillment from an inhouse portal and customers to file, search, and purchase reports through a self-service dashboard.


The intuitive portal enables staff to quickly and efficiently fulfill physical filing and copy requests as well as administer the system of record and the self-service dashboard.



· Work Orders bind filer, form, and payment information in one unified record for searches and reports.

· Integrated scanning and image management link records to images the moment they are entered.

· The XML (eXtensible Markup Language) B2B interface creates a special backend channel for authorized, sophisticated filing organizations to directly submit filings and payments, reducing staff interaction and encouraging electronic filing from large organizations.


· Streamlines Processes

· Automates Workflow

· Eliminates Errors

· Creates Searchable
Electronic Records

· Reduces Paperwork

· Saves Time and Resources

Secretary of State Offices that were set up to use XML for bulk filings were well positioned to maintain operations throughout the pandemic. Exemplary states like Indiana, using Civix’s application, have continued processing UCC liens electronically without interruption.


Modular: As a module of the Civix Business Services Platform, our UCC and Lien Management application can easily be combined with other modules and is supported by core processing components shared across our technologies.

Seamless Integration: Our applications include standard export Application Programming Interfaces (API) that are extensible and configurable, enabling a seamless flow of data.

Highly Configurable: It can be configured: for each agency’s requirements, to route information to appropriate parties, and by filing or lien type. And configurable templates allow system-generated filing documents to keep current with changing administrations and form updates.

Experienced in Transition: With over a dozen UCC and lien implementations under our belt, we have the technology and expertise to translate your legacy processes into a frictionless, modern system.

Compliant and Flexible: Our UCC and Lien Management application meets the latest IACA standards, is compliant with Revised Article 9 (RA9), supports Food Security Act “Agriculture Liens”, can be configured for statutory liens, and can accommodate variations unique to your agency.


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