Leveraging Best-in-Breed Software Tools to Identify Risks and Prevent Accidents

Ensuring Effective Safety Management Systems

While safety management systems (SMS) have been around for several years, some aviation authorities have been better equipped to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SMS policy and requirements. 

SMS is a structured, evolutionary process, so airports must stay on top of it by making SMS a business priority. Technologies must be leveraged to provide real-time, actionable data and help automate SMS. With so many aspects and requirements, the idea of cobbling together software solutions to create fully effective SMS can be daunting. That’s why it is advisable to look for one solution that can do it all as part of an airport’s integrated management system. 

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A Complete Operations Solution, with SMS Baked in

“The busiest and most efficient airport in the world,” Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, has relied on Civix’s Airport Operations solution since 2009 to efficiently manage resources, assets, general airport operations, and regulatory compliance. It serves as a single system of record for FAA compliance and allows operational, security, safety, and maintenance personnel to access the same data when completing Part 139 inspections. 

In early 2021, ATL integrated Civix’s SMS software to not only comply with regulations but also to report and mitigate safety issues before they become costly.  

With proven, real-world success at ATL and other leading airports, SMS now is fully integrated with Civix’s Airport Operations solution as a standard feature. 

Quick, Collaborative Decision Making

When it comes to SMS, decision makers need access to accurate information. That is perhaps the greatest benefit of the Civix Airport Operations solution. Data all come together through a single-view online dashboard that enables airports to make real-time, well-informed decisions to aid surface safety.

A Single System Leveraging Best-in-Breed Technologies

Civix’s Airport Operations solution boasts unparalleled functionality through integration with best-in-breed technologies: 

  • INDMEX Aviation provides flight and ground vehicle tracking technologies and runway safety systems 
  • GIS Mapping Engine provides a highly accurate and true representation of activity at the airport  
  • Third-party data sources can be integrated to enrich SMS reporting, such as Notice of Violation (NOV) and Secure Credentials 
  • Microsoft Power BI provides interactive data visualization 
  • Event reporting and management integrations enable FAA compliance 

Through these integrations, Civix provides the only all-in-one tech with: 

  • Airfield Maps 
  • Landside Visuals 
  • Discrepancies (Work Order, FAR Part 139, Safety and Ops Compliance, Assets, etc.) 
  • Incident Management (ASA) 

A Proactive Approach to Risk Management 

Civix SMS allows airport staff to report and mitigate safety issues before they become costly.  

Its mobile cloud-based interface enables real-time reporting; the system provides the information needed and step-by-step guidance to track, triage, and analyze safety issues as they are received. This enhanced, comprehensive functionality enables SMS staff quickly to spot incident trends and determine which warrant corrective action. 

Keeping Up with Constantly Evolving SMS 

Staying ahead of SMS changes can be laborious, but it doesn’t have to be. The Civix Airport Operations solution follows the FAA’s new SNPRM (Safety Management Systems for Airports) and comes with a guaranteed no-cost upgrade to comply with any future ruling.  

Built for Airports by Airports

Civix’s Airport Operations solution was developed over the course of several years – and is continuously refined – with input from small, medium, and large hub airport safety managers. The SMS integration began being developed in 2015 and involved input from over 50 airports and leading SMS subject matter experts. Ultimately, Civix would design 15 versions before it arrived at a Beta prototype. Following several more years of research and airport input, Civix launched its first SMS pilot customer in 2020. Now, after several more successful launches, SMS is a standard feature of Civix’s Airport Operations solution.  

Relied on by over 100 airports throughout the U.S. and with decades of experience and a deep understanding of airport processes, Civix has the only comprehensive solution for managing airport operations, finance, and administration, eliminating the need to piece together numerous point solutions from various vendors. Without barriers or friction between activities, airport staff can quickly identify opportunities for growth and efficiency, address real-time challenges, and make the best-informed decisions.