Our planning experts offer a wealth of knowledge on sustainable development, demographic analysis, and best practices for bringing equitable, catalytic change to communities.

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Giving You a Wider Perspective

We offer a deep bench of professional planners experienced in applying formal planning concepts to resilience, disaster recovery, and mitigation efforts. Civix brings the skills and expertise to deliver a range of planning services – with an emphasis on operational efficiency, equitable outcomes, and long-term community resilience.

Expertise for Every Objective

Resilience, Disaster Recovery, & Mitigation initiatives may involve infrastructure, housing, transportation, economic development, adaptation strategies, preparedness, assistance to vulnerable populations, land use, and zoning. These projects differ from traditional FEMA or HUD housing programs – making a partner with Civix’s depth of experience essential.

Brighter Futures are Never Accidents

Our approach to planning is to go far beyond just the immediate concerns and to greatly enhance a community’s capacity to meet future needs. Our planners give communities the opportunity to bring about transformative change and meet their unique objectives.

Listen More, Plan Better

We work with clients to conduct grassroots community outreach to contribute to the design of organizational structures, programs, and projects that address holistic community needs, preserve community culture and traditions, and adapt to a changing environment and associated risks.

Our Team is Your Team, Start to Finish

Our team includes a unique blend of mitigation planning, urban planning, and HUD and FEMA subject matter experts.

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Helping You Utilize Data More Effectively

We have a proven track record of creating data-driven planning documents that leverage our experience in data analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We turn volumes of data into essential, visual information for decision-making. Through this data-informed approach, our clients can maximize the impacts of their investments.

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