Civix Shares Checklist for Meeting CDBG-DR Certification Deadline on April 8th

NEW ORLEANS, LA – CDBG-DR grantees have a short timeframe to demonstrate they are prepared to administer the federal recovery funding. By April 8, 2022, grantees must provide documentation to certify they have in place required internal fiscal controls and adequate policies and procedures for proper grant management. In many cases, grantees are not prepared to address the full breadth of required elements, with common gaps including the internal audit function, sufficient procurement guidelines, citizen participation plans, and fully documented financial workflows.

“New requirements add another layer of complexity that grantees must navigate in a short time to ensure they can demonstrate readiness to administer the CDBG-DR grant, which is an early step required for grantees to receive the federal funds that have been allocated to them,” said Civix Vice President Ted Guillot. “Our team has and is guiding grantees through the financial certification process; and to share best practices with others, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow checklist.”

Guillot says the checklist will also help align certification and implementation plans with CDBG-DR Action Plans – an important aspect that can easily be overlooked in the rush to submit the certifications.

“If grantees are able to answer some key questions early on as part of the certification process ­– making connections between administration of dollars and methods of distribution, for example ­– then they will be better positioned when it comes time to submit their Action Plan and much more successful thereafter.” 

Civix has helped state and local governments recover from some of the largest disasters in recent history. As a a trusted technical assistance provider for HUD, Civix supports grantees and communities by creating programs that comply with federal requirements and meet state and local recovery goals.

To download the Financial Management and Grant Compliance Certifications Requirements Checklist, click here. To learn how Civix can support you, contact Ted Guillot, Civix Vice President of Community Planning & Resilience at [email protected] or 504.304.0733.