West Virginia Shares How to Innovate & Improve Licensing Services in Recent Case Study

ORLANDO, FL – When many people think of a Secretary of State’s Office, most often, and especially this time of year, they tend to think first of election management or driver and motor vehicle registration services. But in West Virginia, like many states, the Office is also responsible for licensing and registering a wide range of businesses and organizations in the private sector.

Dave Tackett, CIO for the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, was looking to get their licensing operation running “at the speed of business” – a recognition that customers deserved less burdensome and time-consuming user experiences. At the same time, Tackett sought to streamline and ease workloads for staff.

After looking at a number of options, the West Virginia team chose to partner with Civix for its configurable, cloud-based enterprise licensing solution. Developed with experience from the needs of numerous agencies across the country, the Civix solution was a welcome and easily-implemented improvement for both staff and customers.

Addressing a variety of use cases, the Civix licensing and registration service now enables West Virginia charitable organizations, notaries public, scrap metal dealers, private investigators, security guards, sports agents, trademark registrants and marriage celebrants to access and complete the entire licensing process online.

Once paper-laden and manual processes that required in-person visits by applicants can now be done in a matter of moments, with better continuity and documentation. And certainly, given the unfortunate situation of the pandemic, the timing of the move to the cloud-based solution could not have come at a better time. Even during long periods of office shutdowns, services could still be delivered seamlessly.

“The team worked to bring a state-of-the-art experience to the people of West Virginia, and we are proud to have facilitated that with our technology,” said Civix Government President Mike Wons. “The modern solution allows the Secretary of State’s Office to continue to effectively deliver services to its constituents even in the age of social distancing, all while eliminating friction and improving the experience for staff and customers alike.”

West Virginia’s implementation of Civix’s cloud-based enterprise business services solution is the topic of a new case study published in partnership with Government Technology, an award-winning magazine covering information technology’s role in state and local governments.

In it, Tackett says that partnering with Civix has allowed his IT team to shift away from the ‘break-fix’ burden and “to be more creative and more innovative.”

Of Civix, he said, “We were very fortunate. We were able to get a vendor with the experience we were looking for.”

Read the full case study here.

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