We bring a wide range of experience and comprehensive solutions to design, launch, and manage federally funded programs that ensure compliance and meet your communities’ needs.

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Maximize Impact

To maximize impact, our experienced HUD and FEMA program administrators, analysts, and closeout specialists leverage federal grant dollars to achieve your communities’ unique recovery and resilience goals.

Experience matters.

We Hire the Best to Help You Be the Best

Our team consists of former state government grant and program administrators. To them, guiding you through an often-complicated process is not just a job but a passion – a passion that shines in our 40-year legacy of helping states, territories, and local governments across the country to administer billions of dollars in federal grant funding.

Your Navigator Through Complex Terrain

When you partner with Civix, you benefit from our team’s extensive experience on day one. Having been through these processes thousands of times, our experts know the ins and outs of Program Management and can help you avoid missteps, while moving quickly and decisively.

Handling the Details So You Can Focus on the Big Picture

Your ability to increase the impact of federal grant dollars is greatly enhanced when you have seasoned experts by your side. We put our experience to work to ensure you make the most of these opportunities.

A Proven Program Management Framework Honed Over Decades

We use a proven data-driven framework to design and manage effective, compliant programs. We apply lessons learned from hands-on knowledge of countless other programs and incorporate innovative approaches to maximize the impacts of grant dollars.

Operational & Administrative Readiness

We’ve led and supported the successful launch of dozens of programs and we’ll apply that experience to ensure you’re ready when dollars are allocated

Needs Assessments

We identify, collect, and analyze data sets to be used in the determination of disaster impacts, unmet needs, and program design

Application Intake & Reviews

We support applicants through the entire application process and resolve issues

Eligibility & Benefit Determinations

We review applications and documentation to verify eligibility and calculate individual awards

Quality Assurance & Control

We conduct comprehensive file reviews prior to funding disbursements or appeal determinations

Policies & Procedures

We develop administrative and programmatic policies and procedures in accordance with the program design

Staff Augmentation & Training

We can be your team or educate staff on program policies and procedures

Outreach & Engagement

We raise awareness and encourage eligible applicants to apply for assistance

Ready, Compliant, Effective Grants Management Services

Technology to Match Our Expertise


From Our Team of Experts

Civix Announces Sale of Critical Infrastructure Division 

Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, announced today that it has sold its Critical Infrastructure division to Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people. 


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