As the only tool designed specifically for state Emergency Management agencies, Civix’s system simplifies the process of managing large scale disaster grants from start to closeout.

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Speed Up Recovery

Managing over $135 billion in grants in 24 states and territories, EM Grants Manager is proven to significantly reduce the workload of staff while increasing productivity- ultimately getting funds to applicants faster and speeding up the recovery process.

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Emergency Management, Simplified

Everything you need, in one place

You can manage grants, applicants, projects, and the entire reimbursement process online- all while collaborating and having access to instant reports.

Manage the full spectrum of grants

EM Grants Manager handles the full spectrum of grant programs including PA (State and Federal, FMAG), HMA (HMGP, PDM, FMA, BRIC), HSGP (SHSP, UASI, OPSG) and EMPG.

Centralized for optimum efficiency

Our system unites the management of grants, workflow, documents, contacts – and it enables collaboration and applicant login through one integrated solution.

The Leading Disaster Recovery System

EM Grants Manager has been integral in the recovery from the largest disasters in recent decades, including the COVID pandemic and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Michael, Sandy, and Katrina.

$135+ Billion

in Grants Managed


States & Territories Implemented


Active Grants Programs


    Turn Months of Recovery into Days

    With a modern system in place, the time for processes, like executing state/local agreements, can shrink from months to days, and states can save valuable time and headaches by avoiding audits prompted by gaps in documentation and the lack of proper controls. Our software integrates with FEMA’s grants portal, data warehouse, and state financial systems to reduce manual error and make payments faster.

    • Minimize Paperwork
    • Speed Up Reimbursements
    • Track & Meet Deadlines
    • Access Info in Real-Time
    • Submit Monthly or Quarterly Progress Reports


    Administer Grants

    Administer multiple grants from start to closeout

    Manage Applicants

    Manage the entire process through a centralized repository

    Track Progress

    Monitor deadlines, track costs and close projects with ease

    Process Payments

    Eliminate errors and speed up payments through automation


    Manage issues, route forms, send messages, schedule meetings and more


    Benefit from a birds-eye view with countless real-time reports

    Additional Modules

    Time Record Module, Purchase Request Module, Travel Voucher Module, Course Management Module

    Additional Services

    Remote or Onsite Training, Workflow and SOP Assistance, System Administrator Supplementation

    Civix's EM Grants Manager Hurricane Irma

    Capture Crucial Data from Anywhere

    When the immediate response is hectic and resources are maxed, our Damage Assessment mobile app allows you to collect site data and submit it for reporting and analysis – all while in the field.

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    Mission-Driven Commitment to Emergency Management

    In 2004, when three hurricanes had just devastated Florida, Matt Blakely developed a web-based portal where applicants could submit and monitor their assistance requests – allowing the state’s EM staff to immediately receive, process, and manage thousands of items. As a result, Matt formed the company MB3 and the technology, EM Grants Pro, became the leading system for EM grants management across the U.S. MB3 was later acquired and operates as part of Civix, and EM Grants Pro has developed over time to become our comprehensive EM Grants Manager system.

    Enrich Your Team with Unparalleled Expertise

    In addition to our technology, Civix provides agencies with unparalleled interdisciplinary expertise to recover from disasters and build safer, stronger communities.


    From Our Team of Experts

    Civix Announces Sale of Critical Infrastructure Division 

    Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, announced today that it has sold its Critical Infrastructure division to Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people. 


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