Spotlight on Contact Certification and Contact Self-Management

Who is the point of contact for this applicant? Is this up to date and accurate?

It can be overwhelming, and sometimes even a full-time job, just to keep contact lists up to date, but it’s critical to know who to reach out to when you need information to keep projects moving. EM Grants Manager now has the functionality to ensure Applicant contact information is accurate and updated on a regular basis.

Contact Certification

What is it?

A process that will automatically ask Applicants to certify their contact information every 6 months.


Primary and Authorized Applicant contacts are automatically notified that they need to certify their contact list on a semi-annual basis, in April and October of each year.

This certification must be completed within 30 days. The system will display the user name and date the certification box was checked.

If the certification is not complete, Applicants will receive alerts and be unable to submit Request for Reimbursements (RFRs).

Applicant Contact Self-Management

What is it?

Applicants can now be responsible for managing their own contacts, significantly reducing the workload on State users.


Under the Contacts tab on an Applicant’s profile in EM Grants Manager, Primary and Authorized users can add new contacts that are now part of the agency or remove contacts no longer with the agency.

When adding a new contact, they can decide whether to add them as a user or non-user, as well as define access levels and program assignments. When a new contact is added, the State’s System Admin will receive a notification for awareness.

Ready to ease your workload?

To enable Contact Certification and/or Applicant Contact Self-Management – reach out to the Civix Support Team through a support ticket at or email [email protected].


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