Leadership Series: Angele Romig

At Civix, our clients are driven by the millions they serve.  In turn, we’re driven to ensure they have the best solutions to support their work. We want to help bring innovative ideas to a public sector that faces significant challenges. When we help our clients succeed, it enables them to make a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve.  This partnership doesn’t work without great people.

Meet Angele Romig, President, Land & Grants

Where is home?

I work from the Civix office in Metairie, LA and I live in New Orleans, LA and Bay St. Louis, MS.

Where did you go to school?

I graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge with a BA in 1984 and an MPA in 1986.

Tell us about your work at Civix?

I joined Civix in 1986 and have progressed in the organization through a focus on business development, project delivery, and building client relationships. I have worked in large scale consulting projects and custom IT solution development and implementation. I have worn many hats over my 35-year tenure and currently serve as President of the Land and Grants business unit, and I am a member of the Executive Leadership team.

What are you most proud of?

I am thrilled that the first project that I worked on in 1986, the State of LA Land and Building Program, remains an active project to this day – we continue to host the state’s data. Also, I have led the team that designed, developed, and implemented GCR’s initial SOS business line with a voter registration system known as ERIN, and the business services application known as CORA.

Helping the company survive the impact of Hurricane Katrina and subsequently worked on several recovery assignments that resulted in major redevelopment initiatives for the Greater New Orleans area, was a huge accomplishment. In turn, this led to the foundation of the disaster recovery, resilience planning and grant management services business unit.

I have been recognized as an expert witness in Federal Court for demographics, voter registration and election results, and have had the opportunity to hire and mentor many of the next generation leaders of Civix.

Plus, I have been married for 35 years, and am the mother to 3 terrific young adults.

What is your professional interacting style?

I am engaged, loyal and optimistic. I have a strong work ethic and can obtain desired results.

What are your strengths?

I have a collaborative style with regard for details with big picture goals. I am optimistic with a strong work ethic and institutional knowledge.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

In eight grade, 1976, I participated in a Bicentennial school celebration by conducting a pantomime of a man landing and walking on the moon.