Map More than Ever Before 

Case Study Shows How Civix Mapped 99% of Nevada ROW

For any state agency with land assets, especially departments of transportation, having an accurate, complete, and easy-to-use map is essential. A new case study shows how the Nevada Department of Transportation has set the bar with its interactive map developed by Civix.  

It provides details on 99% of the state’s ROW boundaries for roadways – about 5,000 miles in total. In fact, Nevada may be the first state in the U.S. to have its ROW interests mapped to this level of completeness. 

It’s not as difficult as one would think, it just takes time and investment for any state agency to replicate this success. The technology is configurable, flexible, fast to implement, and can scale to meet each jurisdiction’s budget and goals. And it doesn’t even require survey-grade data. 

This modest investment yields big, lasting returns, like:  

  • Faster Shovel-ready Projects 
  • Save Staff Time
  • Improve Efficiency 
  • Ensure Accuracy  
  • Mitigate Liability 
  • Generate Revenue from Surplus 
  • Confirm Assets are within ROW 
  • Resolve Roadway Outside of Easements

If you’re tasked with ROW for roadways, broadband, 5G or any new infrastructure projects, then check out this case study to see how your agency can lay the groundwork for success just like Nevada. And to schedule a live virtual demo, contact Ben Billings at [email protected] or 504.304.0798.